5 in 1 intelligent Multi function pen
(Emergency power bank+USB cable+U disk touch screen pen+write pen)
Patent number: ZL 2015 3 0469871.3
ZL 2015 2 0874329.0
ZL 2016 3 0290724.4
Two version:iPhone version and Android version

Product Specification:
Size: 176x147mm
Discharge efficiency rate: 85% (output current:1A)
Weight: 50g
Battery voltage to discharged: 3.0Vdc
Battery type: Li-ion battery
Consumption without load <=100uA
Battery capacity: 650mA
Charge time: 2hours
Input charging current: DC5V/500mA-1000mA
Output discharging current: DC5V/1A, 1A at max
U disk optional : 4G/8G/16G/32G/64G
Protection: Our product with temperature control and temperature protection, output voltage protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, include 4 function such as emergency power bank, charging cell phone, touch screen function, write function.
U disk function

As a U disk to save data from computer, take out the touch screen pen cap ,plug USB port to computer USB socket, it can b as a U disk and charge pen at the same time or plug it to the USB POWER ADATER,  it can charge itself.

As a emergency power bank to charge cell phone or other consumer electronics device

three kind of optional pen, screw out pen bottom tube to show Micro USB connector or iPhone connector,Type C connector

*Micro USB connector pen to charge Android cell phone

*iPhone connector pen to charge iPhone5 / 5S / 6 / 6S / 6plus / 7 / 7S / 8 / 8Plus / iPhone x.

Type C charging connector for cell phone with type C charging port.

USB Charge Wire Function

When you plug it to laptop USB port or plug it to USB power adapter, It can be USB charge wire to charge cell phone or other device.

Touch screen pen

Have a touch screen cap as touch screen pen for your cell phone screen.

Business ball point pen

Rotage pen pint tube, As a business ball point pen to write