Shenzhen weimiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is established in 2009, invested by micro power electronics(HK) co.,Limited, mainly engaged in consumer electronics and power supply-related products to provide a holistic solution, with nearly 10 years of experience, in maintaining the existing traditional consumer electronics and power supply business Foundation, focus on the trend of cutting-edge technology, To meet the needs of the market and constantly changing, the company continues to take the innovation route, in the product constantly do subtraction, in focus, professional constantly do addition, the company focus on intellectual property, the annual focus on a large number of human and material research and development with subversive, innovative, differentiated consumer electronics products,

More than 10 countries to obtain a number of invention patents and utility model patents and appearance of patents, leading the company to continue to develop, to meet customer and market demand.


The company’s integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry, the company has always believed that innovation leads the trend, innovation will bring industry revolution, welcome friends from all walks of life visit, guidance and business negotiations.

Products include:

* Traditional power supply class switch power supply, power adapter.

*Consumer electronics: Mobile power, mobile phone charger, battery charger and so on.


has 3 production lines, research and development engineers 5, technicians and workers more than 100 people, the annual output value of 50 million.

Shenzhen weimiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. engaged in two major business:

* Consumer electronics Research and development design and manufacturing, has a strong research and development capabilities and production lines.

*export trade and cross-border e-commerce export business has its own domestic brand ipen and foreign brands Weimiyuan.


company recently launched two patented product

*iPen first generation, 5 in 1 multi-function business pen, set 5 functions in one such as:

1) Phone emergency charging function

2) mobile phone charging cable function

3) PC USB function

4) capacitive pen function

5) Business Writing pen function.

Welcome to call, our company has the appearance of this product and utility model patent, is hot global investment.


*Smart battery charger

Smart battery charger with a mobile power function, you can charge the AA,AAA,18650 battery and it can be a portable power bank when you put 18650 batter inside  , on the preparation of a number of national invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of patents.


We insist on innovation, will continue to research and development has market power of patent new products. Find the strength and intention of the Channel business cooperation, and jointly develop the global market.